Oil Eater Orange Cleaner- 55 Gal




Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner is a ZERO VOC, highly concentrated, water based alkaline cleaner enhanced with the boosted solvency of citrus. This advanced cleaning system has been designed specifically to outperform conventional cleaners on adhesives, petroleum greases and resins while remaining versatile, powerful and safe.

Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner achieves its cleaning strength through the combined actions of solvency, surface tension reduction, coupling ability, builders and alkalinity. Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner meets or exceeds the most stringent of VOC standards, including California’s 2013 CARB regulations.


Oil Eater

Product Information

⦁ Avoid prolonged contact with aluminum surfaces
⦁ Prolonged contact with glass may result in etching
⦁ If extensive contact with skin is expected, chemically resistant gloves are recommended
⦁ Consult Oil Eater® Orange Material Safety Data Sheet for further details

Product Characteristics

⦁ Ultra-Concentrated
⦁ Biodegradable
⦁ Superior Multi-Surface Cleaning
⦁ Non-Flammable
⦁ Non-Acidic
⦁ Zero VOC per 2013 CARB standards

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